PUCPR - Pós Graduação

PUCPR - Pós Graduação
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Fasten your seatbelts and join us on this surreal journey following the steps of post-grad student. 🚀👩🏾‍🎓

Full credits

Production Company: Dirty Work

Executive Producers: Ito Andery and Hwira Gibin
Directors: oito:olhos (Christopher Rocha & Pedro Fernandes)
Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann
Production Coordinator: Antonela Castro

Art Director: Felms
Illustrators: George Schall, Bruno Soares, Everton Caetano, Tiago Oliveira and Piatã Esteves

Storyboard and Animatic: Che Marcheti

2D animation: Ali Bark, Bruno Curcino, Gabriel Chagas, Genoviz Pagani, Hugo Takahashi and Raul Vanussi
Additional Clean up: Júlia Balthazar and Rosinaldo Lages

Compositing: Bernardo Vaz and Ricardo La Bella
Cutout Animation and Motion Graphics: André Boyd, Juliana Custódio and Miguel Alves

Audio: Punch Audio
Music Producer: Cristiano Pinheiro
Creatives: Cristiano Pinheiro e Tony Berchmans
Account Management: Lili D.Aragoni
Production Coordinators: Letícia Nunes and Juliana Pontes
Mixing and Mastering: Gustavo Guanaes and Fernando Martinez