Netshoes - Maratona de Descontos

Netshoes - Maratona de Descontos
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Our great friends at Dirty Work invited us to direct this action-packed spot for Netshoes. They put together an amazing team and gave us freedom to go nuts and unlock the super-powers within us. 



Full credits

Production Company: Dirty Work

Executive Producer: Ito Andery and Hwira Gabin

Directors: oito:olhos (Christopher Rocha & Pedro Fernandes)
Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann

Production Coordinator: Antonela Castro
General Production: Ana Sieglitz and Juliana Millán
Production Assistant: Carolina Cantero

Storyboard and Animatic: Antonio Soares Neto
Illustrators: Ryan Smallman, George Schall and Math Oliveira


Animation Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo and Maricel Piazza

2D animation: Emmanuel Zampalo, Franco Pellicciaro, Mariano Fernandez Russo, Maricel Piazza, Leonardo Cirius

Clean up:  Alan Mohamed, Gabriela Bosco, Julieta Culaciati, Maricel Piazza, Sofia Diaz 

Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo

Audio: Input Arte Sonora

Executive Producer: Mario di Poi

Musical Direction: Teco Fuchs

Sound Editing: Danilo Chen

Mix and Master: Rafael Benvenuti

Voice Over: Fabian Jorge

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