Fox Premium - El Clásico

FOX Premium - El Clássico (LA LIGA)
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We joined the team at Dirty Work as animators and compositors
for this really cool project.

A spot promoting a classic soccer match: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.
Here are some of the shots we animated and some of our process.

la liga (0-00-28-22).jpg

Our Role: Compositing and Cutout Animation

Full credits


Directors: Faga Melo & Gustavo Leal
Executive Producer: Ito Andery
Art Director: Felms (Felipe Mascarenhas)
Illustrators: Bernardo França, Fernando Molina and Felms
Cel Animators: Bonkers Animation and Caio Fernando

Producer: Antonela Castro
Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann

Client: Fox Premium Brasil.